Casually, it stops working only in these case

2021.11.30 09:18 NapoleoneBonoacarte Casually, it stops working only in these case

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2021.11.30 09:18 melodityofficial Melodity Listed on CoinMarketCap

We are pleased to announce that we are officially listed on CoinMarketCap.
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2021.11.30 09:18 Nervous-Programmer97 DOBERMOON | 30K MARKETCAP | Very Early P2E GameFI | 3weeks old !

A little idea of the adventure: The Earth is overcrowded, living space is limited, pollution has been devastated, the Humans of the time destroyed everything. We have to find an alternative. This is why Mr. Dobershi Nakatomo designed a crew in total discretion, with the aim of conquering new territories, and discovering new habitable lands. LP LOCK 24 months MC 30k! DoberMoon is a game where everyone can play and have fun. Possibility of playing in Free To Play unlike some games where you need several thousand dollars to start! A large collection of NFT's will be available so that each is a unique skin, allowing it to become more efficient! The project is under development. We have a lot of ambitions with regard to it. A little recap of our project so that everyone has a precise idea of the project: The NFT's will be classified among 5 categories (1) Municipality (2) Rare (3) Unique (4) Epic (5) Legendary If you invest in NFT's, it will get you more in-game bonus. However, it is possible to earn money without investing anything. We want to set up a community game, where each of you can post ideas for improvements, either in-game, or on our future platform. A community game therefore implies an acid community. We are, and will always be, listening to our players. TOKENOMICS: 12% Total Tax 5% Holders 5% Liquidity pool 2% Marketing Website : Twitter : Telegram : 
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2021.11.30 09:18 Alert_House_2448 Failed after a week

I was on the seventh day and last time I did 4 days. I can’t remember the last time I got to a week actually. And today when I failed I was like in this state of fight or flight mode and it’s like I was kind of possessed by something and it was forcing me to do it. Next time when this happens I’ll be ready and deal with it and be aware.
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2021.11.30 09:18 bluray_bot Shatter Dead (Blu-ray)

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2021.11.30 09:18 InvestigatorWide3598 Julia Burch

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2021.11.30 09:18 Carbon-Flex Battle Academia Jayce Emerald Chroma 10000BE.

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2021.11.30 09:18 shanabailey NEXTOOL 10-in-1 EDC Multitool for 10.71 USD without coupon

Here is the link (Aliexpress): NEXTOOL 10-in-1 EDC Multitool
(Aliexpress coupons: )
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
  2. Telegram
  3. Twitter
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2021.11.30 09:18 Raszga What's the best joke you've got ?

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2021.11.30 09:18 masm128 Found an old bottling of Glenlivet

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2021.11.30 09:18 GregsJam How to dispose of plastic sacramentals?

My understanding is that sacramentals ought to be respectfully disposed of (when required) either by burning or burying them. But for plastic, I think both options are bad environmentally, with burning plastic giving off toxic fumes, and buried plastic not properly decomposing, and breaking into small pieces and entering the food chain.
What's the best solution?
(I don't actually have any to dispose of currently, but I have a couple plastic rosaries and miraculous medals)
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2021.11.30 09:18 sbroue The Saints - Ghost Ships (1984)

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2021.11.30 09:18 HardBoiled0 Elon

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2021.11.30 09:18 pgojedi IOS Precise Location setting

i use GPS overriders (ianyto, ianygo, 3utools, drfone, etc). i just noticed - not sure if it's a Pokemon Go code thing or an IOS 15.x code thing - there is a setting under the Privacy / Location Services / Pokemon go called Precise Location.
"Allows apps to use your specific location . With this setting off, apps can only determine your approximate location."
does anyone have any information as to whether having setting this on or off, would make it more or less likely to get tagged for spoofing?
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2021.11.30 09:18 ZealotElsewhere Streak X - Descanso

¡Hasta mañana!
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2021.11.30 09:18 oman0231 Forza Horizon 5 Question!

So the physical copy cost $79.99 CDN but I want the PREMIUM edition which cost $129.99 CDN but is in digital only format.
My question is if I was to buy the physical copy, can I upgrade later by paying the extra $50 and get all the premium stuff? or am I stuck with the standard edition and can still upgrade but will now cost me more than the extra $50 now?
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2021.11.30 09:18 xXOVKLXx My Prison. I call it United Novel Onion or U.N.O. i just need some guards and workers. map download will be in comments

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2021.11.30 09:18 hknewt Technically..... It fits.... Just not enough to work on it

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2021.11.30 09:18 bluray_bot Patema Inverted (Blu-ray)

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2021.11.30 09:18 Iamt1aa Amitabh Bachchan gets open letter from rationalist, KBC pulls out ‘super power’ episode

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2021.11.30 09:18 darmodyjimguy They're hard to find.

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2021.11.30 09:18 immapeachy On my way back home

It’s almost midnight. I'm holding a cold hamburger that I bought at noon. Thinking whether I should eat it now or wait for a little bit. I'm on the bus with a few people back to my hometown, Nan, from Bangkok. Feeling like I wanna throw up probably just carsick. Anyway, I’ve been on this bus for 3 hours now. As soon as I got on the bus I went straight to take a nap cause it’s been a long day for me. That’s why i didn't have a chance to read a caution paper on my seat. See that I was already awake. I picked up the paper and started to read.
Caution paper :

  1. Do not talk to other passengers on this bus under any circumstances.
  2. Keep the curtain on your window close at all times. No matter who asks to open it.
  3. If you have food, only eat at 10 pm. And finish it before 11.
  4. If someone offers you any food or snack, politely deny it. If you cant, take it but do not eat it.
  5. Around 1 or 2 am. You will hear music, pretend to be asleep and do not panic no matter what you see.
If you are able to pass 2 am. Good luck.
Well, that is an odd caution paper. I thought it would be something like where’s the emergency exit. I guess it was just a prank. But I'm not a rule breaker and there are still hours left. So it can be a little game for me. Let's see. There are 5 people on the bus.
Old couple is in the front seats on the left side.
A little girl in a red skirt and yellow hat is sitting in the third row on the left side too.
A Teenage boy, maybe 16 or 17 years old, he’s wearing headphones and shakes his head lightly along with the music.
And lastly a lady sitting in the back of the car, dresses like a bus employee i think.
From the caution paper, the first rule, do not talk to the others passengers, easy. I’m not gonna talk to strangers anyway, I’m not that friendly. Number two, do not ask to leave the bus on the way, easier than the first rule, who would leave the bus if they are not at the destination. Keep the curtain on your window close at all times, done. Four, If you have food only eat at 10 pm., well, I have a cold burger and now it’s half past ten. So, I guess I should start now or I won’t make it before eleven. I’m eating and watching the time on my phone at the time, it’s starting to get funnier when it’s getting closer and closer to eleven. And BOOM! FINISHED! Check the time, It’s 11:02. Ouh, close, but still fun. I lick my lips before a employee lady walks to the front, stops at my seat and asks.
“ Do you want some beverage, sweetheart? “ She smiles and hands me a bottle of water.
I smile, reach out to get some water then stop immediately to look at the rules.
Can’t talk to anyone or eat anything from the bus, almost forgot. I’ll just smile, take the bottle and not drink it then. But she keeps standing and watching me just like she wants to see me drink it now. I didn’t know what to do, she stared at me it’s so awkward. I decided to pretend my phone’s ringing and I had to mumble something to myself for 5 minutes until she walked away.
It’s almost midnight now. Suddenly, the old couple starts yelling at the little girl, something about stealing snacks. The little girl then ran toward and sat next to me. She’s giggling while pulling the potato chips out of her hat. “Don’t tell them” she smiled. I chuckled a little bit but didn’t say anything back. “You know, my mother once made me potato chips just like this one but much better taste” she started talking to me, I don’t like it because I have to say something back if I don’t want to be rude. “You don’t have to say anything back” “No one ever talks to me either, they just sit here and listen” Ok then, I’ll do that. She rambles on and on for at least half an hour. The old lady walked right this way, the little girl started to panic and said “Quick! hide it! hide it behind the curtain! She screamed with a rush. All of a sudden the quiet bus gets so noisy. The old lady and the kid are screaming, the teenager’s music seems so loud. So I opened the curtain like a reflex. And just like that. Everything is silent. I looked out the window that I just opened, there’re many red and blue lights flashing and people were surrounding the bus with policies. But it's all so quiet. I turned my face to look inside the bus and what I saw was all five people looked at me with strange smiles, their eyes slowly turning red.
They all smile and say “we got her”.
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2021.11.30 09:18 shingreen I know it's dischidia for sure, I'm just curious if it's a hybrid or the actual pectinoides?

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2021.11.30 09:18 Andmancz Searching for musicians iem

Hi, I'm new to this audio thing, and I play piano in church, we are starting to use headphone monitors, I wonder what iem should I buy that has good isolation, good sound, but mainly can be used on stage and as a daily iem. Thanks for advice.
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2021.11.30 09:18 SamuraiShinsen Cheering Yui Yuigahama!

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