Advice on Solar Photovoltaic Investment (Grid-Connected)

In the 1980s and early 1990s, most photovoltaic modules were used in stand-alone power systems or powered consumer products such as watches, calculators and toys, but from around 1995, industry efforts have focused increasingly on developing grid-connected rooftop PV systems and power stations. By 1996, solar PV capacity in the US amounted to ... This paper analyzes the technical and economic viability and sustainability of urban street lighting installation projects using equipment powered by photovoltaic (PV) energy. First, a description of the state-of-the-art of the technology is performed, studying the components involved in solar LED luminaires for street lighting application and examples of autonomous PV systems installed in ...

2021.11.30 09:40 AggressiveOven26 Advice on Solar Photovoltaic Investment (Grid-Connected)

I am considering investing in a grid-connected solar park project in Greece with the following business plan:

One of the things that trouble me in that this plan includes a 20% increase of the total cost (due to increases in prices worldwide) that reduced substantially the projected IRR from the initial offer. With this plan, I will be getting my money back after 14 years.
Is 6.2% a good IRR for such a project?
Any other thoughts/considerations?
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2021.11.30 09:40 trajop Spirits, what do you want to get off your chest?

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2021.11.30 09:40 svanapps r/binance - Binance Is Set To Implement BEP-95 Bruno Upgrade Today, After Update BNB Will Be Burned With Every Transaction

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2021.11.30 09:40 Fast_Ad3859 Artist: nns

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2021.11.30 09:40 Ok-Awareness1974 جنبه فان داره ( میا ناراحت نشی)

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2021.11.30 09:40 iJoanx Warlock Subclass - The Archfey Reworked

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2021.11.30 09:40 Efficient_Mastodons Can I still take my dog for his surgery?

My 6 month old mix breed is scheduled to be neutered this morning in 1 hour.
He didn't eat anything all night, but my teenage son lost control on him this morning and accidentally let him eat half a slice of bread that he had left on the table.
Can I still take him to his appointment to be neutered?
The vet is 40 minutes away and I've called them but they aren't open yet.
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2021.11.30 09:40 BopperTheBoy Day 9 of posting a weapon from the Workshop to come up with stats for: The Tokamak

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2021.11.30 09:40 AbuLudwig My headcanon for the Vergil vs Vergil fight

So you know how when he does that stab attack he says "it's past your bed time"? This whole fight is Vergil hallucinating because he hasn't slept for a few days. His brain is training to hint that at him
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2021.11.30 09:40 Afirher Unable to connect to Epic Games

Hello everyone,

I downloaded RLSS yesterday, did the tutorial, played a bit in Free Play but I can't play online because I can't connect to Epic Games.
I've tried many times with my Epic Games account and my Steam account but it always failed.
Sometimes there is a message saying : "Impossible to connect. Please try later or verify your internet connection." or it closes everything and when I start RLSS again, it asks me to login...
Is there any solution or is that a known bug ?
Thank you for your help :)
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2021.11.30 09:40 Prestigious_Region70 Crypto that is focused on WEB 3.0

Hey, Just wondering what crypto out there is focusing on Web 3.0 I'd like to research them and possibly invest
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2021.11.30 09:40 Admirable_Kick_6198 Received a payslip for accrued holiday, but no money has been paid?

While I was at Uni, I had a job at a Shell Garage with a subway inside it. Both were franchises and run by a small-medium family business. When I left in September 2020, they didn’t pay my holiday pay I’d accrued. I didn’t necessarily leave on the best of terms and for my own well-being I just never pursued it. I’m not sure if they had an audit or what, but this morning I received an email for a payslip for £700 for my holiday pay for the month ending 30/11/21 and paid on 30/11/21 (today). No money has come into my account though. When I worked there, we used to get paid midnight on the last day of the month. Is it possible to make an accidental payslip? Or should I contact them? Im just confused as I haven’t been an employee for over a year.
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2021.11.30 09:40 portalrbn Decreto aumenta para cinco mil o limite máximo de pessoas em eventos na Bahia

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2021.11.30 09:40 bardsleyfitness 45 Minute Lower Body - DB Only Workout | STACK'D Day 6

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2021.11.30 09:40 pedal_deals_bot Fender '90s Telecaster Custom Made In Japan - $995 ($995 + Free S/H) 85%

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2021.11.30 09:40 ZoolShop Chris Cuomo coordinated with Andrew Cuomo's top aide Melissa DeRosa as allegations spiraled, messages show

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2021.11.30 09:40 Ilovehotmomz68 Cybin Announces FDA Investigational New Drug and Institutional Review Board Approvals for a Co-Funded Phase 2 Clinical Trial to Treat Frontline Clinicians Experiencing COVID-Related Distress

Cybin Inc. ( NEO:CYBN ) (NYSE American:CYBN) (“ Cybin ” or the “ Company ”), a biopharmaceutical company focused on progressing “Psychedelics to Therapeutics™”, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has authorized an investigator-initiated randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy with psilocybin for frontline clinicians experiencing COVID-related distress. The trial will be conducted at the University of Washington and will aim to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, burnout and post-traumatic stress among frontline doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. The trial’s Primary Investigator, Dr. Anthony Back, received an investigational new drug ("IND") approval letter from the FDA, which provides authority to proceed with the Phase 2 trial.
Further to the authorization from the FDA, the study has also received Institutional Review Board (“IRB”) approval at the University of Washington. This investigator-initiated trial will be hosted in Seattle, a city significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and will be funded by multiple organizations.
“This study offers an important opportunity to assess psychedelics-assisted therapy as a new modality for clinicians who have suffered as a result of their frontline work in the pandemic,” said Dr. Anthony Back.
To support the initiative, Cybin’s Chief Clinical Officer, Alex Belser, PhD and Bill Brennan, PhD (candidate) developed EMBARK, a six-domain model of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. EMBARK was designed as a transdiagnostic psychotherapy model that can be adapted to address a range of clinical indications and populations. In collaboration with Dr. Anthony Back and Ladybird Morgan, RN, MSW, an adapted version of EMBARK has been co-authored to treat COVID-related burnout and symptoms of depression among frontline healthcare workers, and this version includes material that specifically addresses cultural inclusion anticipating a diverse population of clinicians. Cybin launched the EMBARK Psychedelic Facilitator Training Program for study facilitators in October 2021.
“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals on the frontlines have worked hard to provide care under extremely difficult circumstances. Understandably, under this stress, many frontline healthcare workers have experienced symptoms of depression and burnout. We believe psychedelic medicine, when given with a supportive psychotherapy program like the EMBARK approach, may provide a promising treatment approach to bolster mental health,” said Dr. Alex Belser, Cybin’s Chief Clinical Officer.
"This clinical trial provides an opportunity to better understand the effectiveness of combining psilocybin and EMBARK. Learnings from this combination Phase 2 trial will inform the use of EMBARK in Cybin's upcoming human studies using CYB003, a proprietary deuterated psilocybin analog that has the potential to reduce clinic times and dosing levels in half as well as potentially reduce side effects and adverse events," said Doug Drysdale, Chief Executive Officer of Cybin.

Real Time Quotes: CYBN (
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2021.11.30 09:40 Zealousideal-Crow625 Aether Wallpaper

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2021.11.30 09:40 rockstarentrepreneur EV Charger Installation Hillsboro

Are you looking for information about Hillsboro Electric Car charger Installation? Is it important for you to get the right details about Hillsboro EV charger installation Quotes? Do you want to get info about Hillsboro Home EV charger installation Costs? Learn More: (
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2021.11.30 09:40 OSmall04 Little monkey Rojo has strong personality but mostly he always stay alone

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2021.11.30 09:40 Strange_Discussion_9 🌙BonkJapan $BJ - TokenSniffer TREND‼️ Buy Back Token with NFT marketplace and imminent moon incoming 🌙

🚀 BonkJapan is a decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned and governed by the community from the outset. No more presale.
⭐️ This project has really created hype in the market. This project has very high potential to reach 20M on launch.
As with all fair launches if you want to play it safe wait for the liquidity lock and ownership renounced.
POOCOIN Ads, 4CHAN ads, and Bitmedia ads all starting this week!
⭕️ No Presale, No Team Tokens 🚀 3% Auto-LP 🚀 3% Buy-Back 🚀 1% Marketing
CA: 0xfb586bc109ee3260871866c9e797e6df4efd98bd
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2021.11.30 09:40 rfzou [Markham, ON] [H] Cash/PayPal [W] Surface Laptop 3/4

Just looking for a laptop to do work on when I'm outside.
Would like to keep the price under $1000.
Prefer local pickup.
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2021.11.30 09:40 JodanTsuki Build Your Own banner or Justice League Dark Matthew?

The build your own is scheduled (if it actually comes about) for the end of December; JLD Matthew is January. He needs 600 tickets for a guaranteed summoning whereas there are too many bond unlocking heroes I need and plan to put on the "DIY" banner in December.
Is JLD Matthew only available in the January window (I see too many players rage-quitting for this to be true)?
Also, Lucretia and Autokrato return in January, while new units are up at the same time as JLD Matt, with two more new ones right after he goes (the hotly awaiting Ares and Licorice come later).
How do you plan on spending your vouchers between now and the end of January?
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2021.11.30 09:40 Kyoko-White More than 50 Remote jobs from Multiple companies

Our hiring agency collected a list of remote jobs from multiple companies. We know times are tough right now and we hope this list might help some of you here.
Here is the spreadsheet with a list of remote vacancies.
Remote vacancies are mentioned in first sheet while local jobs are mentioned in second sheet.
If you have any questions or trouble finding a relevant job on the excel sheet. Just let us know and we'll do our best to help you.
We hope we could help some of you who might have been laid off during the pandemic.
Best of luck, lets all work together to help each other during these tough times.
Feel free to share this list with any loved ones who you think it might help
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