[US][H] Amiibo, Games for Switch, 3DS, PSP, PS1/PS2/PS3, Xbox, Saturn and Pokémon Strategy Guides [W] PayPal

2021.10.25 12:44 dwightsredshoes [US][H] Amiibo, Games for Switch, 3DS, PSP, PS1/PS2/PS3, Xbox, Saturn and Pokémon Strategy Guides [W] PayPal

Hello. Have the following games.
Shipping to Cont US $4 depending on weight. Willing to ship internationally.
Ena - new $30
Goat Simulator - German like new $25
Wii U
Monster hunter 3 ultimate -cib $14
Cake Mania 3 - cib $8
Fallout 4 - like new $5
Final Fantasy 15 Deluxe Steelbook with bluray - cib like new $27
Buzz Master Quiz - cib $4
Lumines - cib $4
Socom Fireteam Bravo - cib $5
Socom Tactical Strike - cib $5
Valhalla Knights - umd only $4
Littlebigplanet 3 - Sealed Pal $36
Naughty Bear - disc only $4
Ecco Defender of the future - disc only $4
Firefighter FD18 - disc only $15
Getaway - cib $5
Final Fantasy X - cib $5
Flipnic - cib like new $35
Stuntman - disc only $3
Tmnt - Disc only $4
Zone of the Enders - disc only $4
Duke Nukem Time To Kill - cib like new $11
Defender - disc and manual only $4
Gungriffon Allied Strike - disc only $4
Land of the dead fiddlers green - disc only $40
Pariah - disc only $3
Second Sight - disc only $3
Xbox 360
Final Fantasy 13 - cib $5
Rage - like new $4
Sega Rally Revo - disc and manual only $4
Greatest Nine - jp disc and manual only $3
Tomb raider - disc only $13
Victory Goal - jp disc and manual only $3
Strategy Guides
Pokémon Sun and Moon Vault Edition Official Alola Region Strategy Guide and collectors edition official Alola Region Pokédex and Postgame adventure Guide w/ 2 packets of concept art and maps - $44
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2021.10.25 12:44 Fr0stybit3s Returning player

It's been quite a while since I played Runescape. I remember being completely addicted to it when I was in Elementary and Middle School :P
Although when I came back to it it felt completely different! There's a brand new combat mechanic where you have to manually click on the attacks to activate... the hit points multiplied by 10... and now theres cosmetics everywhere! (TBH I wish I could turn those off cause I personally hate seeing them. Kinda ruins my experience of the game but thats just me).
Any suggestions on what I can do to kinda get used to this new interface? Or tips for returning players? So many new skills I don't quite understand... new quests... wth are bosses?
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2021.10.25 12:44 servesociety Social media where you get paid to be helpful

Hey guys,
Hoping this id the right place for this. We recently launched our social platform where people are kind helpful and respectful. We're quite oversubscribed (long waitlist), but we're trying to get more 'hacker types' on there, so if you work in startups/software, ping me a message about what you do and I skip the waitlist for you.
Here's the website to check it out: theniceplace.io
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2021.10.25 12:44 Dunhagen Africa part of my zoo. First time that i feel comfortable to share it :)

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2021.10.25 12:44 annijyn Jinkies!!! by me, for spooky season 2021

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2021.10.25 12:44 akbal7 It's raining

Just a heads up, there will be water falling from the sky today.
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2021.10.25 12:44 Kalmanideskosta A theory that nobody discusses

What if…and hear me out on this…what if Squidward was the mastermind of the squid games? Here’s where it gets crazy. 1. He’s a squid - hence the name squid games…enough said. 2. He lives at the bottom of the sea where nobody can find him. 3. He loves classical music - That is why you hear it before and after the games. 4. He has an undisclosed sum of money. 5. He looks at Spongebob and Patrick the same way the VIPs look at the players in the game - Nothing more than foolish imbeciles. 6. We don’t know what he does on his off time - probably constructing and funding the squid games all over the world. Season 1 just happened to be in South Korea.
After reviewing these facts are you NOT convinced that he is in fact the one behind these twisted games? Keep in mind, we’re dealing with one sick son of a bitch.
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2021.10.25 12:44 Icy-Golden Certain careers being approved first?

I know that the SBA is divided up into certain job categories. Is there a good mix of types of business already approved or are we seeing funding to the restraunt owners primarily or a certain job field? Thinking of creating a poll. Thoughts?
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2021.10.25 12:44 Naamakana All beta players know this feeling

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2021.10.25 12:44 YouBeenJammin Can't Select Golden Age or Dark Age policies?

Playing on PS5. I got the DLC recently and am having a lot of fun. I play on easier difficulties so Golden ages come pretty easily, but watching other people stream the game I notice that when the era ticks over, they get a prompt to select a policy depending on their age. But when the era ticks over for me, the game acknowledges that I've achieved a golden age and then just... moves on. I don't get any chance to pick anything. At least it doesn't show up in the queue of things to do on my turn. I'm not sure where I could find and select these otherwise. Help?
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2021.10.25 12:44 benzodiazepinico The evolution of Ares

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2021.10.25 12:44 SamuraiiNate Ryzen 7 5800x

I plan on giving my brother my year old prebuilt. I took the CPU out and the particular one I want to put in there for him is sold out, will the Ryzen 7 5800x be compatible with the Asus B550-F Mobo without doing a bios update? The Mobo was purchases several months ago if that helps.
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2021.10.25 12:44 simplegreenvr6 [WTS] Custom CasiOak - Green & Rose Gold - Like New - $180

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2021.10.25 12:44 NekoHuner Funni meme by me

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2021.10.25 12:44 popcornboiii Woman's Miscarriage Gets Her 4-Year Prison Sentence

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2021.10.25 12:44 Fantastic-Stress-999 Ha! by fredo’sfuneral go follow me on Insta @fredos.funeral n shoot me a DM

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2021.10.25 12:44 Fuzzy-Calligrapher-7 Animate Gradient Background in After Effects CC

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2021.10.25 12:44 jyeatbvg Pink Princess Philodendrum - Some browning on leaves but not sure why?

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2021.10.25 12:44 Wonderful-Young3397 Join this server

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2021.10.25 12:44 thephania Getting into a relationship knowing i would be left heartbroken, and i did

This happen just now, and i just stopped crying so i can write this note.
My life has always been a series of lies, lost and betrayals. Everytime i decide to trust someone, they'll break my trust, and my heart. I've always been pushing people away from me, fearing i would be hurt again. And while doing so, i also hurt people who i love and care about.
I met this guy back in March/April. He's a friend of my friend. He treated me like no others. He's just super kind, caring and understanding. He'd been with me through my worst betrayal. He chose to stay by my side when people were trying to slander me. I finally let my guard down and let him in. He got my trust and i can finally feel loved again, without fearing anything.
The thing is, we both wanted different things, different life goals and paths. I want to stay in the city, and he wants to move away. I've always knew we would have an expiry date when he told me about his plan, but i tried to ignore it as long as i could, i didnt know i would grow to love this guy, that would be my mistake.
I've always thought we would have a couple more years, but due to Covid, he decided he would move early next year. He had always hoped that i would change my mind (because where he wants to live is my hometown, and it's common for young people here to come back to their hometown). I never wanted to come back. I want my career to soar, and i can only do so in the city.
I told him that, we would have to end the day you move away, and i've always prepared myself for that day. He replied, "then i guess i would have to try and live with that thought from now on". It broke me. Not that the thought of us being apart soon, but even he gave up on us, just like i did. That then, i knew that we have no hope of ever making a miracle.
For once, no one hurt me, but still i got hurt. Nothing works out for me and i hate myself. And i think i hurt another person whom i love.
I cant bring myself to begging him change his plan. That would be selfish of me. He would hate himself for changing his life for me, and eventually hate me. I would be too, if i was to change. And what if he chooses his plan (which is still very valid) over me, i would be much more heart broken.
I just dont know what to do. Nothing ever seems to work out for me, not even once.
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2021.10.25 12:44 ojugredsa3 Play with saggy big tits

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2021.10.25 12:43 throw-away-01234 ML Algorithm Suggestions

I work for an electronic hardware manufacturer. One form of reliability testing we conduct involves running a large sample of devices (n~=300) under extreme stress until failure, and we start ~10-12 of these test groups per month. Each group can take anywhere from a few weeks up to several months to complete, during which time we collect sensor data every few minutes on ~50 different physical parameters of each device. Currently, the end result is just to apply Weibull statistics to calculate the mean time to failure of each group, and occasionally very limited analysis of data from individual sensors.
So, we are generating a massive amount of time series data, but doing very little to utilize it. What are some suggestions for ML algorithms that could be used to extract more information from this type of dataset?
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2021.10.25 12:43 nelsondaviladesign [For Hire] Bayonetta 3 fanart

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2021.10.25 12:43 Fuzzy-Calligrapher-7 Animate Gradient Background in After Effects CC

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2021.10.25 12:43 ridhim2609 It's my own little collection

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